Comprehensive Tax Services

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Our tax services cover a broad range of issues, from IRS penalties to standard tax preparation and more. The arrival of tax season typically brings about a slew of common emotions: anxiety, tension, dread and annoyance, just to name a few. Even those who have spent years handling their own taxes never look forward to that time of year rolling back around. But investing in the right professional team can make all the difference. You need a tax expert who is well-versed in state and federal taxes, someone who can deftly navigate the filing process and/or any tax-related issues you may face.

Tax Preparation Assistance

Organization is key when it comes to tax preparation. Rocket Tax Relief offers tax preparation services to citizens and businesses for better peace of mind. We also extend our services to self-employed contractors, whose filing process is often more complicated. Our staff is composed entirely of experienced and accomplished tax attorneys, CPAs and CTEC-certified tax preparers for a seamless process.

Submitting Collection Appeals

Errors happen even to the best of us. Unfortunately, the IRS isn’t as forgiving of mistakes; even the most innocent error could lead to hefty penalties. The only way to resolve this particular problem is by filing a tax collection appeal, which will grant you extra leeway to correct any errors.

Tax Representation

Business owners face harsher IRS penalties than citizen taxpayers, especially where delinquent payroll taxes are concerned. The IRS considers this issue to be particularly egregious because it hurts both the United States Treasury and one’s employees. Of course, navigating these charges can be a confusing and complicated process. We can help business owners take care of this type of penalty more smoothly to keep your business operations from being disrupted.

State Tax Dispute Assistance

In some cases, federal government disputes can result in IRS penalties, creating even more hassle and frustration. The same can be said when the situation involves state taxes; however, state governments are even less forgiving than the federal government when it comes to tax collection. Each member of the Rocket Tax Relief team is well-versed in state tax law and can aid you in correcting errors and settling disputes as efficiently as possible.

How Else Can We Assist You?

Rocket Tax Relief’s main values are compassion and comprehensive service. We understand just how stressful and overwhelming it can be to deal with tax-related situations. That’s why we strive to deliver aid to our clients – be they businesses or citizens – no matter the exact details of their tax dilemmas.

Regardless of the exact situation, you still have options to combat it. We want to help you uncover the best possible solution so you can regain the peace of mind you deserve. Some of our specific services entail:

  • Trust fund recovery penalty appeals
  • IRS audit defense
  • Appealing rejected or terminated installment agreements
  • Releasing funds after wage garnishment
  • Appealing denied abate penalty requests
  • Appealing an offer in compromise rejection
  • Submitting IRS penalty abatements
  • Requesting an offer in compromise
  • Wage garnishment appeals
  • Seizure and sale of property appeals
  • Intent to levy appeals
  • Tax lien resolution

If you are facing one of the above situations, reach out to us today. We are reachable by phone at 800-542-4718. Alternatively, fill out the form on our website. We provide 15-minute consultations at absolutely no cost.

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